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Who We Are

DRM is a Reading-based digital marketing agency that is determined to help your brand skyrocket into the annals of awesome. With unique advertising packages tailor-made to suit the individual needs of your business and a team that knows pretty much everything, DRM is proficient at turning average into amazing.

Marketing agencies are a dime a dozen, lurking around every corner ready to pounce on your budget with an all-too-ready eagerness but what makes DRM different is the cost-effective, made-to-measure strategy that we will design for your brand and business; ‘seven posts a week’ simply isn’t going to cut it for each and every business.

As a team, we place massive emphasis on understanding your industry, your brand, and your dreams and goals. We believe that the key to achieving ‘awesome’ is for us to understand how your brand is positioned within the industry; an ethos that will define the marketing strategy that we will spend time and effort custom building for your business.

We offer loads of services, including Company Image (CI) generation, digital marketing strategies and social media management – all the criteria necessary for brands to be recognised in a marketplace saturated with, well, brands. Check out the process steps below that explain exactly how we work:


In order to generate a realistic digital marketing strategy, a serious amount of marketing research needs to be done. This will enable us to gauge and realise trends, market share, brand perception and much more. Market research is the foundation for the creation of a successful engagement model, which must be reinforced by the clear articulation of ideas between your team and ours, generating a strong identity for your brand. ‘Strategy’ is a partnership; a collaboration between us and you.


Understanding is all down to a collaborative effort between your team and our team. Collectively, we form one kickass marketing unit with a unified, driven approach to engage prospects and customers. We want to truly understand how your brand is perceived in the market and how we can help improve perception by targeting the right audience and individuals/companies.


It's all good and well sending out incredible looking marketing material but if you aren't sending relevant information to the right target audience then all the epic content you create becomes irrelevant. Based on the understanding that, as agency and client, we collectively ‘generate’; we have the ability to target the most appropriate  audience for your campaign. Right audience, preferred channel and relevant content – it’s a winning formula; a marketing mantra, if you will.


Speaking of content... Based on your target audience; generating content that is relevant is one of the most crucial keys to unlocking an exceptionalism that we can apply to your brand. It's unlikely that audiences will engage in content that doesn't peak interest and provoke interaction. The theory is that marketing information should always be distributed with the intention of enticing engagement, as opposed to mere ‘information share’. The content also needs to be channel relevant; it's pointless distributing information across channels that no-one will look at.


The ability to share your shiny, newly created content with your wonderful, target audience is of crucial importance. Distribution across channels will determine who interacts with what, and where. We aim to distribute content across all your selected channels in a way that’s interesting and provocative, without being invasive, tiresome or forceful.


GREAT! This is the best part! What was all of that marketing guff for, anyway? That’s right – THE ABILITY TO ENGAGE! As humans we (mostly) crave interaction; by encouraging ideas and opinions with clever content, innovative images and pertinent posting we have created a portal of conversation. Some companies call this a "Lead". We call this an "Opportunity"! An opportunity to assist and serve someone with the products and services you offer. Leads are temporary, opportunities are not!


By engaging your audience correctly you create opportunity for your own business to expand. Expansion is always exciting because it means you get to do bigger and better stuff to increase the potential for opportunity and offer the same to others. Expansion brings the strategy process full circle and is the core, central piece essential to the balancing of the digital marketing equation. Expansion is the goal! The most exciting high five you could ever receive for running a successful digital marketing strategy!


If this all sounds amazing, check out the Stuff We Do to see how we could work together.

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