10 ways to expand with Instagram

Instagram. If you’re not on it, you should be! Here’s why:

  • 800 million – total number of active monthly Instagram users

  • 500 million – total number of active daily Instagram users

  • 300 million – Instagram stories: daily active users

  • 40 BILLION – number of photos share to date

  • 25 million – number of businesses on Instagram

  • 4.2 BILLION – number of Instagram likes per day

(Stats as from 24 December 2017)

These stats are insane – and an obvious indication that Instagram is the place for businesses to be!

Instagram started out as a trendy, mobile photo-sharing app on iOS, letting people add digital filters to their photos and incorporating social features like profiles, followers and comments. And now businesses are using Instagram to build awareness, promote their brand and drive sales.

It’s a platform driven by visuals and whilst some of you might be saying ‘YES! That’s perfect for my company’ other business owners might not quite get how a filtered image with some hashtags might drive sales are be of any interest to the ‘Insta-tribe’. There’s no doubt; using Instagram as more than a photo archive of your personal life can be daunting but we have some handy tips to help you out! Check it:

1. A clear brand identity is essential if you want people to remember who you are. Like when you’re designing a website – with consistent imagery type, colour palette(s) and font(s) – a thoughtfully constructed Instagram theme will expose the ethic, tone and voice of your brand.

2. Create content your followers will love (and want to share) – this could be a mix of business advice, motivational quotes and personal anecdotes that you know will resonate well with your followers. This might be a process of trial and error but once you know what works, populate your account with images, quotes and promotions that tie into your business.

3. Engage with your audience by responding to comments. Also follow people back and try to connect with them on other social sites. If people feel that you are interested in their perspective, they are more likely to care about your brand and take the time to share your posts.

4. Use strong calls to action in your bio, images, and comments. Instagram allows for a 150 character bio, in which you can direct people to your home page…to sign up for a free trial, find more information or inquire about your brand.

5. Post all the time. Like Twitter, Instagram can be a ‘flash in the pan’ so post regularly and be consistent – to stay in front of your audience and keep ‘em engaged and interested.

6. Use #hashtags. Hashtags are a search tool that help viewers tap into ideas and topics they are interested in. Hashtags are essential for creating awareness of what you're up to as a business and brand.

7. Connect to your other social channels (Twitter and Facebook); that way, any image you share on Instagram will automatically post to those profiles, and people can click to see your Instagram stream, like an image, comment on it, or follow your brand.

8. Use the colour blue – you might be stifling a laugh here but apparently, images on Instagram that have blue as the dominant colour get more likes than other colours.

9. Diversify with videos and stories – Boomerang is super effective; capturing a burst of photos that cycle back and forth quickly; creating an awesome animated GIF. Instagram Stories lets users post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours – a great way to post ‘in the moment’ events or experiences that might not be entirely brand relevant but would still gain attention or build awareness

10. Link up with other influencers – whereby you build partnerships based on a SFS ("share for share") strategy. Look at other players in your space with similar sized (or slightly larger) accounts; you can start by reposting their images and tagging them in the image and then, over time, they'll start doing the same for you as the number of your followers increases.

Exciting, right!? Once you’re in the vibe, Instagram is really fun to use. To get your creative juices flowing, here are some fun facts about Instagram that’ll help you formulate content that will target your audience, and hopefully encourage an epic following of people willing to plaster your brand all over their social feeds:

  • 68 per cent of Instagram users are females.

  • 80 per cent of Instagram users come from outside of the U.S.

  • 77.6 million Instagram users are from U.S.

  • Instagram is used by 31 per cent of American women and 24 per cent of men.

  • 32 per cent of all Internet users are on Instagram.

  • 59 per cent of internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 use Instagram and 33 per cent of internet users between the ages of 30 and 49 use Instagram.

  • 38 per cent of female internet users use Instagram and 26 per cent of male internet users use Instagram.

  • 17 per cent of teens say Instagram is the most important social media site.

  • Instagram videos get 2 times the engagement of photos that any other social media platform.

  • The most popular hashtags on Instagram are #Love, #Instagood, #Me, #Cute, and #Follow.

  • Pizza is the most Instagrammed food globally, followed by Sushi.

The team at DRM are Insta-PROS and would love to help you to develop a marketing strategy for your Instagram account, or answer any questions you might have about social media marketing. CALL US! We’re always ready for a chat.

For more information on any of the statistics mentioned in the article, read “Instagram by the Numbers: Stats, Demographics & Fun Facts”

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