Five reasons why social media reporting is the bomb!

Let’s assume you’ve bought into this who social media thing – you’re using it to market your brand and things seem to be ticking over nicely. Now you want to see what’s working and what you could be better at...hello reporting!

Whilst this might sound like a total yawn fest, the good news is that there are tools that can organise analytics data and insights for you and as you’ll discover (if you don’t already know), reporting is a brilliant way to hone your social marketing strategy into a beast of power and influence.

Being able to pinpoint who is engaging with your content as well as which of your social posts perform best (as well as the ones that don’t do as well) will help you do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Here are five ways that reporting (a collation of all your analytics data) can help you turn good social into epic social:

  1. Content creation: if you are able to ascertain the ideal post length and the most engaging themes for your business's audience...and then respond with appropriate content, you’ll get the attention of the people who will help grow your sphere of influence.

  2. Unique platform strategy: the different social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.) require different strategies tailored to their specific audience and features. Social reporting will allow you to adapt your content to the specific culture of each channel, allowing you to build relationships with your target audience

  3. Scheduling accuracy: to have maximum impact with your social, you’ll need to schedule posts to go live at the most opportune moments – when your target audience is ready to engage with your content. The best way to figure out when this is (other than trial and error) is to analyse your social reports, which provide insight into the best times and days of the week to post.

  4. Brand consistency: it’s important for your brand to present itself consistently across all social channels, in spite of different style content required by each channel. Reporting will give you an overview of your content and enable you to make sure your brand voice is the same throughout.

  5. Top networks: social reporting will let you know which of your channels is performing the best! This means that you’ll be able to put more of your energy into the networks that are working for you, and change strategy with regards to, or even eliminate, the ones that a aren’t.

If you’d like to learn more about how to develop your social strategy into something awesome (or would like tips on reporting), we know how to do this! CALL US! We’re always ready for a chat.


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