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Updated: Feb 14, 2018

How much content is there on the internet? No seriously – how much? And how much of it is actually interesting, captivating, thought-provoking...worth the spare five minutes you have in day? That’s right – not much. In fact – if it bores you, you’ll ditch it for something better in the space of seconds, which doesn’t leave brands and businesses with much time to impress and influence, well, you.

So here’s the question: how do you make your brand relevant in a space that is proliferated with an excess of knowledge and opinion? The first thing is to understand your audience (pay attention and do your research) – who it is and what makes it tick. The better understanding you have of the mind of your audience, the more effectively you’ll be able to create shareable content.

Once you ‘get’ who you’re speaking to, you’ll need to choreograph some truly epic content that people will want share all over the place. According to research content is more likely to be shared if it is funny, moving, illuminating, inspiring, shocking, cute, controversial or sexy, or if it leaves the user feeling fearful or in awe. In other words, content that evokes an emotional response is more likely to be remembered.

Stories are great for this! They invoke empathy and help people to relate to your brand. Social media is often used to point to longer form content, which can include stories; however, a story in this context could be a photo, vine or video clip.

Check out these useful tips for creating content of epidemic proportions:

· Good news spreads faster: Studies show that positive content goes viral quicker

· A study by Ipsos showed that 61 per cent of people shared interesting things, 43 per cent of people shared funny things and 29 per cent of people shared unique content.

· Aesthetic matters: as much as what your content says, how your content looks will define the amount of time people will spend on it!

· Quick reactions boost awareness. Sharing breaking news, experiences or exchanges to engage your audience is an easy way to build brand awareness – and totally doable with smartphones and cameras etc.

· Make it emotional: content that evokes a visceral response (laughter, tears, rage) is the stuff that will be talked about. Emotion is a necessary ingredient in almost all decisions – the pros say so; and so it makes sense to appeal to your audience’s emotions if you want them to remember you.

· ‘Moderate’ controversy is more appealing than ‘high’ controversy – according to a research paper in the Journal of Consumer Research

· Thought-leadership is a great way to promote your brand: use studies, infographics, research, statistics, and actionable content that provides some practical value and offers your audience esteem in choosing to share it by making ‘em look informed and insightful.

Lastly, make sure that the way your content is structured and presented is top notch! If you need to hire a communications or social media pro to do this, then do it. Badly worded content, with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, is no good – it’s a bad reflection on your brand and will send your content right down into an abyss of average.

Digital Raspberry Marketing has a team of super-savvy marketers who are not only great at putting together stories and social streams but care about making your brand exceptional! CALL US! We’d love to chat.

F or more information on how to engage your audience with killer content, read “10 Ways To Create Contagious Content for Your Social Media Marketing” by Vinay Koshy. It’s a brilliant article with loads of research to back up suggestions!

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