How and where to distribute your marketing content.

Updated: Mar 16, 2018

The ability to share your shiny, newly created content with your wonderful target audience is of crucial importance. Distribution across channels will determine who interacts with what, and where. But as technology and search engines change, so too should the strategies marketers use to engage an audience.

Keeping up with it all can be overwhelming...perhaps you’ve heard rumours: Twitter’s dying and Facebook’s too boring? Instagram’s for young‘uns, LinkedIn for corporates (so not relevant to your brand) and Pinterest – what’s Pinterest? Brain freeze – right? Well, that’s what we’re here for; to un-freeze your brain with a distribution strategy tailor-made for your brand!

Founder and CEO of Gary Henderson, has three hot-to-trot pointers that could help you get your head around how and where to distribute your marketing content, check it out:

Video is IN – YouTube and Facebook Video are big in content marketing strategies of the moment (according to new research reported by HubSpot.) Technology has advanced to the point that you don’t need ‘pro’ equipment to make a professional-looking video – just a smart phone, a phone tripod and social media account. Facebook Live engagement is currently rampant – and definitely worth incorporating into marketing strategy for the now.

Social is great...but not everything – Social’s not dead; the rumours are untrue, in spite of Facebook’s recent decline in organic reach. So, no; don’t go and close all your social accounts in a fear-driven frenzy. What you will, however, need to do is diversity in your marketing strategy. Don’t rely solely on social platforms to connect with your audience, use them but also work to build direct connections with your audience through email, membership sites or in-person events (the last two are only relevant for niche brands); email campaigns, however, can work for most brands! Bet you didn’t think that direct marketing would be back in business, but yes...

Content doesn’t have to be about your brand – When creating marketing content, one’s natural inclination is to make it brand-focused; write some interesting stuff about your business and people will listen – right? Well, maybe not. Current thought is that content marketing is about creating captivating content that people will want to engage with. In other words – STOP talking about your brand all the time.

Whilst content marketing is about driving sales, it’s also about your audience – who, quite frankly, is probably bored to tears with sales pitches presented in the guise of ‘interesting information’. A better idea is to create a following by distributing content on targeted platforms; make your audience love your band by keeping them engaged and stimulated with varied content and multi-media campaigns.

At Digital Raspberry Marketing, we aim to distribute content across all your selected channels in a way that’s interesting and provocative, without being invasive, tiresome or forceful. CALL US! We’re always ready for a chat.

Source: “Content Marketing In 2018: Trends And Tools For Success”

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