How NOT to annoy users with your content on social media!

Most marketers work really hard to create great content; to engage an audience and do right by their brand…but shit happens, and sometimes we get it wrong. (Rarely, practically never, if you’re on the DRM marketing team J ). Adobe’s Brand Content Survey for 2019 reveals what annoys people most when it comes to brand content.

Check it out:

Bad grammar, poor spelling, irrelevant (or too relevant…creepy?), boring, isn’t optimised, no images, no video. Yikes!

No one wants to read ‘has been’ content.

This survey serves as great reminder of how not to alienate our audience and if we apply the inverse of the survey results, we’ll have good content before we’ve even tried. So here’s how to make users H.A.P.P.Y when scrolling through your Facebook feed or website…


  • Well written (grammatically correct) and punchy

  • Well designed

  • Personalised but not too personalised

  • Fresh and relevant

  • Optimised for all devices

  • Must have images or video!


Totally doable.

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