How to allocate your social media budget

Gone are the days when social media marketing is an option for your brand or business. Fact: it’s a must. To have a presence online, you’ve got to dish the dirt on Facebook, Twitter and the rest of social posse. And if you really want to have an effective strategy in place, likely; you’ll need third-party tools to help you plan and perfect.

New research suggests that only just 33% of social media marketers are happy with the range of tools they have at their disposal. The most common reason for this is not lack of software but lack of budget to purchase the most effective software! 60% of social marketers say they do not have the necessary budget for software to back a killer strategy.

There is a hoard of social tools designed to help brands manage their social, but they all come at a cost and not all organisations are willing to shell out the cash.

So, let’s say that you, as a business owner, buy into the idea that you need to spend a bit of money (or a bit more money) to make your social epic but your budget is tight……what’s the best way to allocate your money?

Thought leaders from Sprout Social list the following as must-have tools for social marketers (from most necessary to least necessary):

1. Social Media Management Software

2. Social Media Analytics Software

3. Visual Creation Tools

4. Ad Budget

Management and analytics tools are obvious when it comes to essential software. Visual creation tools are becoming critical because research shows that content embellished with photos and infographics sees a 94% increase in page views versus content without images.

And if you’re prepared to go BIG with budget, the additional resources that social marketers feel that they need to succeed (as per Sprout Social) are:

1. Dedicated Resource for Content Development

2. Analytics Software

3. More Staff

4. Publishing Software

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Source: Our Social Times 

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