How to use emojis to make your social awesome!

Emojis have been described as lazy, inept and...use freaking words, right!? Yet whilst the pesky little critters might be apocalyptic harbingers of destruction – obliterating language and literature one smiley face at a time – they’re great for grabbing attention on social media. (Always look on the bright side.)

The truth is that language evolves and, as business owners and marketers, if we want our communications strategies to be effective, we have to tap into trends and make ourselves relatable.

But how?

We don’t want our audience to see one fist pump and de-friend us, and we also don’t want to be so cautious that we miss out on some amazing marketing opportunities. So, the first tip to using emojis to make you social campaigns totally awesome, is:

1. Know your audience: Figure out who you’re talking to – age, gender and all the usual demographic stuff that will give you some insight into how best to communicate. Here are some interesting stats when considering who you’re marketing to:

According to the Emoji Consumer Science Team:

  • 92% of people online use emojis.

  • 70% of frequent emoji users are maximum in the age group between 25-29 years.

  • More than 70% of the most frequent total emoji users on the internet are women and only approximately 50% of the most frequent users are men.

Once you’ve figured out who you’re communicating with, think about your brand message and ethic...

2. How can emojis be used to compliment and reinforce your brand, rather than detract from it! Think about the tone of your business: if you’re working in finance, love hearts probably aren’t appropriate but thumbs up and smiley face emojis are great; if you’re in a creative industry, likely, anything goes; and if you’re working for a charity drawing attention to child poverty, you’ll want to tug at heart strings, inspire thought and provoke action – in which case, hearts and crying faces are all likely appropriate. Get it? Good.

So, you know who you’re talking to and what you want to say; now you have to go ahead and say it.

3. Some things to think about as you construct your soon-to-be-epic emoji-splattered social post are:

  • Don’t go crazy (unless, of course, your brand is crazy) – four emojis at a time is usually enough (we don’t want to send our audience into emoji overload).

  • Make sure you know what emojis mean otherwise you might land your brand in hot water. (Emojipedia dishes the deets on all emojis.)

  • Keep it natural and unforced; you shouldn't have to put a lot of thought into your emoji use. It should be easy and automatic.

  • Emojis are meant to complement a message; make sure you choose the correct emoji otherwise your message won’t make sense.

  • Use emojis appropriately (unless it’s your purpose to be offensive) otherwise your audience is likely to find you condescending.

These three tips are a great starting point for learning how to use emojis as an effective marketing tool! If you’d like to learn more about how to develop your social strategy into something fabulous, we know how to do this! CALL US! We’re always ready for a chat.

Sources: Social Media Today and Social Pilot

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