How to use hashtags – top tips!

At this stage in the social media marketing game, we all get the importance of hashtags – they’re used to build marketing campaigns, boost brand recognition and communicate with a target audience. Why? Because hashtags are effectively indexed keywords that facilitate good search results.

Once you’ve bought into the importance of hashtags, it’s about figuring out how to use them in the most effective way – to enhance communications and campaigns so that they kick ass all over the place. Hashtag optimisation, in other words.

Here’s what to do:

  • Have a look at what influencers are doing – influencers are...influential (but really) and their hashtags will be trending; jump on the bandwagon to draw attention to your own brand.

  • Pay attention to your niche (or industry) – another way of keeping track of what’s trending is to take note of what’s happening in your industry on social media; use trending hashtags to boost your own presence.

  • Target your hashtags – the more specific you are, the easier it will be for your audience to find you. The idea is to hone in on a niche audience that is share a specific passion and will invest in your brand ideas and identity.

  • Tailor the hashtags to the platform you’re using – hashtags perform the same function on all social media sites but the tone of the site will dictate the use of hashtags. There’s a science to this that will require some research but a quick guideline for the optimal number of hashtags are: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn 1-2 hashtags; Instagram 9-15 hashtags.

Hashtags are a great way to beef up your presence online and work best with killer content that’s relevant, interesting and well written.

Source: Hootsuite

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