Invest in digital – everyone is!

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

In a new survey by small business publisher The Manifest, more than three-quarters (76 per cent) of marketers agreed that marketing has changed more in the past two years than the entire 50 years before.

WOW! That’s pretty big. Forget billboards, flyers and even print…when the world spends all of its time online, digital is where to invest. Check out these crazy stats share in a recent article by MarketingTech News

  • Traditional media spend is being ousted by marketing automation tools for email and social, which has seen spend increase by 44 per cent in just the last year – Martech: 2019 and Beyond report (by marketing intelligence firm Warc).

  • Total spend on social media advertising is set to grow by £21bn to reach £58bn by 2020 – Zenith prediction.

And then back to Manifest’s findings; nearly two-thirds (64%) of businesses interviewed plan to spend both more time and money on social media marketing (64%), while optimising their websites was a priority among 55%.

It’s pretty obvious that digital is where the party’s at!

Now, if you’re not spending that much on digital, don’t get yourself into flat panic and hire the first online marketer you see in an effort to save your brand. Calm down, take a breath and spend time working out WHO your audience is, HOW they consume information and if they’re buying, WHERE they buy from; this info will help you figure out whether digital marketing will work for you. Do your research, speak to people who know; then you’ll be able to figure out where to invest and how much to spend! And if it’s done right (a topic for a whole other blog), your brand will grow…and grow…and grow.

Source: MarketingTech News

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