Ten 10 web design trends for 2018

Updated: May 1, 2018

Whether you favour Wix or Wordpress…or have no idea which design platform you might prefer; what you will know is that a great website is essential to marketing success. Businesses and services spend insurmountable amounts of time using social media to drive traffic to their websites. Website addresses are printed on business cards and when in conversation you’ll find yourself saying, “Just check out our website” in place of over-explaining your brand. So yes, your website needs to be ACE.

If you’re thinking of revamping your website or developing a whole new one, check out these ten top design trends that are set to dominate the year:

Animation –in a world that operates on full speed, animated logos and GIFs (super trendy right now) convey complex ideas with immediacy, in a way that is both engaging and informing. Animation helps to tell a story and convey personality – two important concepts for brand identification and relatability.

Adventurous Colours – bold, conflicting colours are being paired in an effort to deliver exceptional experiences. Colour will be used to disrupt and agitate, evoking emotion via story-telling and symbolism.

Variable Fonts – fonts with more personality and visual presence are set to pervade websites this year. Designers are experimenting with inventive typography for both emphasis and aesthetic effect, in an effort to attract visitors. Current typefaces tend to be oversized and dramatic – not at all subtle.

Asymmetrical Layouts – ditch rules and grids and embrace divergent, disruptive, disfigured design that rebels against the constraints of traditional rules. Don’t be afraid to embrace new ways of presenting content – these days, ‘boxy’ is boring!

Mobile Focus – mobile browsing has officially overtaken desktop browsing, which means that web designers will be ever more focused on a mobile audience. Fluid, intuitive and navigable sites are essential for an optimal web experience.

Unusual Navigation – floating navigation (nav that’s visually detached from the rest of the site, often sitting a bit below the browser’s chrome), ghost buttons (transparent buttons that blend in with the background) or no navigation ‘menu’ at all, are unusual nav designs that are trending on websites at the moment – all interesting and effective, depending on the type of site you have.

Illustration – is becoming more prominent in both marketing and product design. Illustrations are powerful in bringing abstract concepts to life and their dynamic nature makes them a good way to inject personality into a website.

Artificial Intelligence – chat boxes and voice user interfaces (also known as conversational UIs) were big last year and will continue to develop in 2018. Not all of these UIs are AI-driven but watch out…AI is on the move!

Sustainable Designs – the internet uses 10 per cent of the world’s energy and many web designers are encouraging clients to embrace websites that will direct users to the content they need quickly, providing efficient, inclusive experiences once they arrive – in an ethical response to environmental impact.

Homepage Elimination – there is the thought that many new websites will move further and further away from a traditional homepage, and towards much more dynamic entry points, embracing a more personalised experience.

Trends change all the time; often something’s out before it’s even had a chance to be in. Nonetheless, it’s good to know what’s going on and if you need someone to advise you or build you an epic website, we’d love to help! CALL US! We’re always ready for a chat.

Check out these sources for detailed information on the aforementioned website trends (and more) for 2018:

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