Top DM buzzwords for 2018 – the good, the bad and the (very, very) annoying

There’s arguably nothing worse in the whole world than jargon – oh wait; there is – that’d be marketing jargon. Yawn. If you want to exclude people from a conversation, speak in ‘buzzword’ – to some, it might suggest expertise but in fact, if no one knows what you’re talking about (or your audience is put off by your apparent bravado) then that can’t be good for networking or relationships in general. And forget friendship – nope, not happening.

I mean, if someone threw the term SoLoMo at you, you’d laugh, right? It’s an acronym that stands for Social Media, Local Marketing, and Mobile Marketing – no, really. What about

Advertainment? – Essentially just an annoying way to explain “branded content”, product placement or flat-up fantastic marketing in disguise – insert eye-rolling-emoji just about here. And better yet – Snackable Content; a short, sweet, eye-catching, small piece of content – thanks.

Whilst there are some nauseating DM buzzwords out there, there are some that have some purpose and make a sort of logical sense without one being an expert at these things. Here are a couple that will be useful to know when the convo relates to all things DM:

Algorithm – is a formula (used by Google or Facebook) to determine what content shows up where. Changes in the algorithm are critical for businesses trying to market a message as this can affect who sees their message, if anyone at all!

SEO – stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and refers the practice of optimising websites for Google’s Algorithm by adding keywords, meta-tags and other information that search engines need to know in order to rank your business in the right searches for the right consumers.

AI – Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world, never mind marketing! AI mimics human intelligence; a good example is the algorithms that replace humans by figuring out which businesses or websites should show up in your search results, newsfeed, etc.

Omnichannel Marketing – creating a seamless presence (and marketing plan) for customers no matter wherever they’re searching (online – phone, desktop, by telephone or in a brick-and-mortar store).

Customer Journey – a consumer’s path to purchase is longer than you think and involves multiple touch-points across different channels and devices; it’s important to understand this when creating a DM strategy.

If you’d like the lowdown on any other cool DM buzzwords or just want to rant about the douche-bag who can’t stop talking about his brilliant Advertainment strategy.

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