What people want from your brand on Social Media

The BEAST that is Social Media can be tough to tame – there are so many strategies that can be implemented across networks but for the assured success of any campaign, brands first need to know what people want.

Uh…and what exactly do people want?

The latest index from leading social media management tool Sprout sheds some light on the question: after surveying social marketers as well as consumers and cross-referencing responses, Sprout has articulated some key findings that are sure to be useful when developing of social strategies:

· People prefer social content with particular links to more information about a product, brand or service.

· Social customer care is a priority – almost half (41%) of consumers have reached out to a company on social.

· Word of mouth is huge! 61% of social media users say they would be more likely to learn more about a brand/product if it had been recommended on social by a friend (versus 35% for influencers or celebrities).

In another study by Sprout entitled “Championing Change in the Age of Social Media”,

it was revealed that people want brands to take a stand on social and political issues. According to the survey, two-thirds of consumers responded that it was either “Somewhat Important” or “Very Important” for brands to take a stand on social/political issues, with only 11% saying it was “Not at All Important.” Perceived authenticity is another strong factor in how brands’ messages around political and social issues are received.

In other words,

Don’t be wishy-washy.

Engage with people. Be interesting. Keep it real.

And a side note: Facebook is bossing it in comparison to all the other social networks; a whopping 97% of social marketers use Facebook in their marketing activities, with Twitter next in line (88%) followed by Instagram (83%), LinkedIn (65%), YouTube (58%) and Snapchat, with just 13% usage.

For any questions you might have about social media marketing, CALL US! At DRM, we’re always ready for a chat.

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