What went down at F8…(And what the crap is F8?)

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Facebook’s F8 might sound like a weird cult get together…oh wait, it is. Just joking (sort of) – F8 is an annual conference for developers (are you feeling the cult vibe already?) and entrepreneurs who build products and services around Facebook. It sets the tone for the year ahead and gives marketers and business owners a heads up on their marketing strategy moving forward.

So what went down this year? What’s the BIG NEWS that could help you figure out how to get the best from Facebook as a platform used to communicate with your tribe, drive traffic to your website and build some buzz around your business?

In a super small, very tasty, nutshell:

CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that “the future is private” – whoa, what? Facebook has been through a controversial time; being accused of invading users’ privacy – and now wants to reinstate its credibility by pushing hard to help people connect with friends and family. Updates to Instagram, Facebook and its Messenger platform will reflect this value.

Facebook plans to downplay its news feed and focus on groups and events creating a prominent groups tab and a personalised feed from the groups you’ve joined – rather than a generalised update feed from your friends. There will be a new feature called Meet New Friends, which is an attempt to help users expand their social circles by connecting people who have something in common (like a school or employer). It’s also expanding its dating function to 14 more countries.

Instagram is set to play less attention to the stats that people are sending people (ahemmillennials…shakes head) into hysterics – not enough likes etc. (rolls eyes). The platform is testing a feed that will hide stats entirely! And there will be an updated camera interface that will enable users to share content beyond traditional photos and videos, like quizzes.

Facebook Messenger is getting a major overhaul, it’s being redesigned to take up less space on your phone and is being changed to allow users to set status messages or share photos with people you like and trust, with the aim of making it easier to arrange offline hangout sessions.

Time to get your marketing ON!

Source: The Verge

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