Why buying likes will ruin your brand

In a world where authenticity is rare – where people and brands big themselves up on social media creating illusions of awesomeness – the discovery of something real is like an oasis in the desert. It’s beautiful, refreshing, inspiring. If you want people to trust you, tell them the truth; it’s a life skill that applies to social media marketing in equal measure.

Simply put: buying likes is a lie.

Also, it’s not actually allowed. Inauthentic likes, follows and comments from accounts that use third-party apps to boost their popularity is against the Terms of Service that you agree to when you sign up for a Facebook or Instagram account. Get caught and you’ll be banned. Facebook and Instagram disabled 2.1 billion fake accounts between January and September last year (2018)

So, morally and legally fake likes are all kinds of wrong. And logically, the deception makes no sense. The point of getting likes is to build a reputation and engage with your audience in a way that will benefit your brand and business. If people realise that you are being disingenuous, your brand will lose credibility and your audience will no longer engage.

Other businesses are also less likely to collaborate with a brand that is dishonest. Not ideal.

A fake audience also makes little sense from a business perspective – pretend friends will not be promoting your brand or buying your product. A mass of likes might look good at a glance but in reality, there is no return on the money invested to acquire an audience.

Buying likes will not increase revenue.

Best marketing practice is to invest in quality over quantity – successful social is not about how many likes you have but rather who likes you! Invest your time, money, and energy into coming up with marketing strategies that will bring real likes and real followers who care about your brand and support your initiative.

Source: Talkangency.com

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