Why RESEARCH is essential for the success of any brand strategy

Updated: May 20, 2019

Research…bo-o-ring – right? Sitting in front of your computer and looking up a bunch of yawn-inducing facts and analysing data. Perhaps you’d rather be, um, plucking out your eyeballs? OK – a tad extreme but the leg-work it takes to create an awesome brand can seem daunting and (let’s keep it real) less-than-appealing. It does, however, have to be done! Luckily, we can help.

Marketing research, which includes ‘market research’, is what it takes to gauge and realise trends, market share and brand perception – all of which is the foundation for the creation of a successful engagement model (which, in turn, will drive brand recognition and product sales).

Marketing research explores the marketing process of a company (delving into new product research and distribution methods) and market research is when you have narrowed down a specific target audience and need to find out how that audience behaves…all with the end-goal of tailoring a strong brand identity that will speak clearly and effectively to your target audience.

Marketing research usually involves the identification of data research and collection (via methods such as ‘sampling’ – telephone calls, focus groups, surveys or internet research)…and yes, analysis. Once product and process have been understood, it’s time to engage in market research, which will do three things:

  • Drive communication with current customers as well as target prospective customers.

  • Identify opportunities – for both high-level and more immediate sales.

  • Lower the risk of missing opportunities that are likely to produce the best results.

At Digital Raspberry Marketing we prefer a collaborative approach when it comes to marketing (and market) research. In order for us to understand your brand fully (and to help you reach your goals and achieve success…or achieve ‘awesome’, as we like to phrase it), we need to know as much about it as possible – and you are the best source of this information. It’s our job to apply this understanding to the market place and make your brand a sales machine – by communicating effectively and identifying opportunity.

Source: “The Importance of Market Research to Your Business” – Thebalance.com. (https://www.thebalance.com/why-marketing-research-is-important-to-your-business-2296119)

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